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Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006
1:26 pm - THE BOGESTER!

i am updating to show you all...



and just for comparison:

truthfully, i shouldn't really have the endpin out that far. i could get away with playing it with it all the way down. but it makes myself feel better to put it out a bit. this is a half size instrument, or as the guy at allans called it "just a really big cello". haha. so imagine how big a full size would be on me!

i need to practice more, but i love it.

current mood: satisfied

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Wednesday, March 15th, 2006
10:19 pm

this morning i walked up the platform at the train station to see LOTS more people than usual standing around. and you know it's bad news. i ended up hopping on the 8:16 approximately 43 minutes after the scheduled 8:16 departure. i was only half an hour late, but it was pretty crap waiting.

the first case in fluoro had been finished by the time i arrived, and the second one was cancelled. we had nothing booked til 11, so i went round to the general area to help out. simon was going down to the morgue to xray a body, which we are required to do from time to time, say when families refuse autopsies or unidentified bodies are found, etc. generally only those who are comfortable to go down there do. i had already decided that it probably wasn't going to be for me, but that i should also go down there at some point to see what happens, and to make an informed decision. so simon asked if i wanted to go and i said i would. it probably wasn't a great introductory case; the guy was burnt, and i think was found in some sort of park? i don't know. he had maggots in him. it was really off. i kinda helped out without going too close to it, and decided that i won't be doing that again...

i am also in the process of finding myself a double bass. i start orchestral double bass lessons with a guy who used to be in the sydney symphony orchestra next wednesday. i'm very excited.

work is going well. i am glad that there is a new chief in the department making some changes and making sure i (and others) get trained in as many areas as possible quickly. hoorah!

err what else? still no coffee table or stand/unit for the tv, but eh. everything else is good in the apartment.

i think that is all.

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Wednesday, February 15th, 2006
4:01 pm - just to prove how lazy i am, in case you hadn't deduced it for yourself...

cut and paste!Collapse )

current mood: chuffed

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Monday, January 9th, 2006
10:16 pm

i am still alive.
i have now relocated, but am still looking for a proper place to drop all my stuff and call my own.
tis all very draining.

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Saturday, December 10th, 2005
2:33 pm - so sad

i have probably said something like this before, and i know it sounds stupid, but every now and again i get this feeling in myself of...i don't know. adoration? for certain musicians. namely imogen heap. i just love everything she does - from her own music to just adding like "mmm"s and "ahhh"s to other peoples' songs. plus she's gorgeous. and it makes me sad to think that it will be a very long time before i get to see her play in front of me. i feel like i have been a fan of hers for so long and have been waiting since like 1998 to get a chance to see her, and yet she still doesn't come! booo! mind you, i'd probably go all weak at the knees or something if i were in the same room.
boooo! enjoying someone's music shouldn't make me all sad!

in other news...there is no other news.

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Monday, December 5th, 2005
9:43 pm - busy

phew. right, so thursday was graduation. as expected, it was much too hot. i cracked it and wouldn't pose for photos, except when demanded.
but this one came before i'd had enough:Collapse )

friday night was something for kate. after work i was tired and couldn't much be bothered. so i went to dinner with the pares and then drove in afterwards. i stood by myself and most of the time could see everyone perfectly well. everyone except paul. haha
but they played big screen tv and i was extremely happy. and the new songs were good.

saturday i worked then came home and got ready for work christmas party. ahi was 20mins late to pick us up (WHAT A SURPRISE!) haha but it was fine. got there, got a prime seat next to the gigantic brass band. hoorah! ah well. dinner was good. i was sitting in the good seat that got prawn/chilli linguine, scotch fillet and chocolate cake, as opposed to pork&veal terrine, fish and lemon/lime tart. score!

the night yielded such great moments as thisCollapse )

ended up in the city at a club where one of the radiology registrars' wife was celebrating her birthday. turns out the reg knew my name, which was a surprise. then he goes "i hear you have your tongue pierced." i was like, "errr how?". that was odd. but it was good. bit of dancing. left a bit before three, and got abused for leaving early. as soon as we were in the car driving home i kinda wish i had've stayed out, considering it was tori's last night and i probably won't go out with those guys ever again. plus it was a lot of fun.

so i woke up at 7am the next morning? don't know why. went back to sleep. got up later, went shopping. bought not much.

wagged work today. met up for laurafoy's birthday then did a little more christmas shopping. slowly getting there...

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Wednesday, November 30th, 2005
8:08 pm
i went and got a $15 haircut today at a hairdresser training salon in the city. it's actually not bad. and it was kinda therapeutic. including a wash, cut and dry, the whole thing took about an hour and a half.

i was supposed to kinda do my christmas shopping, but ended up just buying things for myself. like dvds and clothes. and i had to stop myself buying more.

i graduate tomorrow. weird.
AND it's supposed to be freaking 34 degrees and we have to wear those stupid outfits. boo!

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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005
10:00 pm - then we stuck a tube up her bum.

brad, i am not doing the stupid tagging thing. mainly because i doubt i even have six people on my list. AND i always listen to the same old stuff.

an old lady told me i had lovely teeth today.
then we stuck a tube up her bum.
she said afterwards: "well i didn't like it very much."
i said "most people don't."

rick later put an (unused) enema tube in neil's lead gown pocket.

i spoke to jenny today and now, while i am still working new years' eve (blah), i am now working three shifts rather than five. i have christmas off, then work the wednesday, thursday and saturday after that. then i am a free bird. and i will go to the dark side.

i'm sad for my sister for the stuff she is going through at the moment. i was talking to her earlier and she was crying and it made me cry. i was like "damn you! why am i crying for no reason!"

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Monday, November 21st, 2005
6:14 pm - hoorah!

today has been a good day. i was in room 2 with catherine, and there were like 5 cases to do all day. so i bummed around and hid.

at tea time i went to my locker and checked my phone and i could see the little phone and envelope icons indicating a missed call and a message, and i was like "OOH, JOB!". so i rang nathan from westmead back and i'm in. i start on the 16th of january, so i have plenty of time to finish up at monash and pack up my stuff, find a place, etc. i was soft and said i'd stay to work both new years' eve and new years' day, though. which is maybe proving to be a bad idea.

then later on i discovered that our results had been released, and i checked. i didn't think i'd do that well this year, but i got three HDs and two Ds. so overall, i am pretty chuffed. i will graduate next thursday with first class honours.

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Wednesday, November 9th, 2005
8:59 pm
it always intrigues me that i see the same meme in lj entries from a few people on my friends list, but who have nothing to do with one another. (ok, sure it is only three people, but still!)

i am specifically talking about this birthday thingCollapse ).

blah blah blah internet blah blah small world etc etc, but it is still nice to think that somewhere along the line, people whom you think are entirely unrelated do have some roundabout connection.

hoorah last day of the week tomorrow.
have to start thinking about packing tonight so that i don't do it all too late tomorrow night and end up not packing what i really need or want.

have had a few crap days but am slowly feeling better.

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Tuesday, November 8th, 2005
8:42 pm
this is how i'm not dealing with things!

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Friday, November 4th, 2005
8:53 pm

i was up later than planned last night finishing the book thief by markus zusak. i was lying in bed reading it, and i could not stop. and i'll admit it, it made me cry. it was so pathetic. and at the same time it was great. it's always weird when books move you that much.

busy day at work today. lots of theatre, but i think that as there was hardly anyone in the general area, it was better to be busy out of the department doing your own thing where you can only do one thing at a time than to be busy IN the department, when you can have patients waiting, one on the table, someone else needing a slide and phones ringing.

i got a bit annoyed though. endoscopy rang and said they needed someone to screen. i'd already gone to theatre numerous times. teresa rang david, whom i was on mobiles with, and asked if he could go. then she saw me and asked if he wanted me to go. so he told me to go (what a surprise). i got there and we'd only started when he came in and goes "theatre 4 has called, they'll need someone, so i'm relieving you." we KNEW there'd be theatre, so really in all fairness he should have gone to endo and then i could've waited for theatre to call. but no, make the intern do it! AND to top it off, he didn't bring the key up, so i had to go from endo on level 3, back down to 2 to the main department and back up to 3 to theatre. lazy bastard could've just brought it up for me.

and at the end of the day he goes "thanks for a good week, su. thanks for all your hard work."


man, i whinge about work a lot.

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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
9:12 pm

i am also getting really sick of everyone asking me if i have heard back from the hospitals i applied to yet. i realise they mean well and are curious or whatever, but blah. every time i have to say "no, nothing yet", i sink a little bit lower. i really want to say "GODDAMN STOP ASKING!" but i know i can't. and also "there are plenty of jobs!" to which i say "yeah, well WHERE ARE THEY THEN?"

boo. :(

current mood: depressed

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7:55 pm

woke up this morning, went to the toilet, had a shower, got out, looked in the mirror and realised that the top ball from my barbell was missing. i really hoped it hadn't gone down the drain. so i went and checked the bed, the floor around the bed - nothing. thought "ooh! i have lots of spare barbell balls!" except they're all 14 gauge and not 16. bugger. had a last ditch look in my bed and it was sitting right there. thank goodness for slight body-shaped sag in the mattress.

only 6 xrays in the ICU round this morning. took about as long as the 8 we did on monday morning with david m. poor form. pretty lazy day; lot of mobiles, staff meeting.

all hot driving home. car doesn't accelerate properly with the air conditioning on.
got home, rang around to a couple of places for my camera. placed an order/deposit to pick it up on the weekend. bought my sfk corner hotel ticket. paid some bills. but got paid today, so i can.

lately have been going crazy on natalie dee drawings and advice column. they're so bizarre.

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Thursday, October 27th, 2005
8:34 pm - blah

had a very bleh day today. this morning's clinic was nuts. we had like twenty cards lined up and no seats of people waiting outside. we got stuck doing some long leg films for a while, which is annoying. they are the worst examination, and we have such a crap system of recording exposures and stuff. the student kept asking to do examinations he could see were waiting to be done, and i said to him nicely "look, maybe not this morning. we have a LOT of patients to get through and we want to get through them as quickly as possible." he seemed to be ok with it, but then somehow managed to still keep asking me if he could do stuff in my room. it has been very frustrating. we already explained to them that they should not be working with us as we're not qualified etc. but at the same time i know that they need to get their stuff done and most of the time it IS just interns working. (where does everybody go?) he just asks so many damn questions about how, why, etc. which i suppose is good. and he follows me around. i am so torn between despising him and knowing i should give him a break. he also barges in on examinations. it's sorta like...if you don't start it, don't push in.

ANYWAY. no-one was around over lunch, but heaps of emergency patients. finally got off to lunch. scott went off at like 2:30 or something. then over afternoon tea time, all the staff magically re-emerged as there was cake. we kept working, because no-one else was going to. i kinda felt like i should just go "stuff this, i've been working hard all day and everyone is just standing around" but at the same time i knew that the work wouldn't get done otherwise. sigh.

i have recognised now that although i am not afraid to ask for help/assistance/advice when i need it, as soon as i feel like i am not getting the support i need, i clam up or just don't ask. i'd rather just keep working than ask for help from people who clearly aren't ready to help. not just in work, but in other situations too. if you're not listening, i won't talk.

anyway, freaked out for a bit. was a bit more short with a patient than i should have been and felt bad afterwards, then calmed down.

hope tomorrow is better. probably not, since it's friday and there are never any staff around on fridays.

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Monday, October 24th, 2005
12:46 pm - new some kind of piercing!

last friday i went shopping with laura and we walked into the place and i asked about getting my ear done. they didn't have any time slots until later that evening, so i booked myself in to come in on monday, knowing i had the day off again.

anyway, the girl was really good. she was impressed with my choice of piercing, saying that she likes them, but not many people get them done like that. as she was getting ready she asked if i were nervous, and i told her not REALLY, but i knew that before she started i would get nervous and shake a bit. i do it EVERY time, even though i know i can handle the pain or whatever. sure enough as she was marking it up i started shaking. she laughed and asked if that was what i was talking about. as usual, it passed before she even got the needle out. there was a bit of resistance as she pushed through the fold of the cartilage, but it went through fine. i am so brave. haha. it bled a bit but nothing major. woo i want more now! and i'd go back to her.

i'm really happy with it. i'm one of these people with very folded over ears, so i can get the effect that i was after, ie. you can only see the two balls on each end of the post.

what else? if the weather does not go TOO crap i may wash the car. and i am going out to order my camera in. getting a pretty good price. retail is 499 and it looks like i will get it for about 390-ish.

hoorah new things!

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Friday, October 21st, 2005
8:10 pm

i FINALLY bought new wiper blades and changed them today. hoorah!

we also did a good deed while waiting for a carpark today. a woman was loading her daughter's pram into the boot of the car and something, which on closer inspection was revealed to be a teddy bear, fell onto the ground. she'd already gotten into her car and started to reverse, narrowly missing the bear, so i beeped her and laura got out of the car to pick it up. she was grateful; apparently it is very special to her daughter. it made us feel all warm and fuzzy for doing it. N'AW.

am working tomorrow, kinda wish now that i hadn't volunteered. considering now that we don't have to make up our ADO hours. not too bad, as i also have monday off. i am a little depressed about not having had any job offers yet, even though i have only interviewed at two places. it's just weird as it is all outside my comfort zone. i would easily walk into a job staying in melbourne. no-one knows me up there. but i will keep going i guess. hrm.

what else? bought another book, so have two new ones lined up. t'will keep me busy.

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Wednesday, October 19th, 2005
9:54 pm

damn uni realised they didn't charge me any amenities fees for the half of the year that i was actually on campus, and have now sent me an invoice. bastards.

i also x-rayed a very very fat man and a very cute little boy today. both with top notch results.

the large man just made me feel sad. there was no "OH MY GOD, HE'S HUGE!" i felt bad that he had to stay there waiting for ages for two guys to come and take him back to emergency rather than the usual one. i think i felt more for him because he was still with it and helpful and able to stand up etc. it's harder when you get obese patients who just lie there and can't/won't do anything. and you wonder what sort of quality of life he has. i wonder that about a lot of patients who come through. it's very grounding, in a way.

current mood: contemplative

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Thursday, October 13th, 2005
11:21 am - this is not an update.


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Wednesday, October 5th, 2005
6:50 pm - stuff!

i was beginning to get scared that the black hole in my letterbox had swallowed up yet more packages and letters until yesterday when my toothpaste for dinner stuff arrived! i got a geeky bag that says: "if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate." and a signed book.

today was really slow.

i got home today and as i was pulling into the garage, snuck a peek at the letterbox as i usually do. another package! my lime stuff!
i had had an ipod case and a wallet ordered for my birthday back in june. it had taken ages and still not arrived (cf. black hole) and the awesome girls most kindly offered to refund the money or send the items again by airmail. so now i have an ipod case (peel) (woo sock can go back to being worn as a sock) with a hungry dinosaur on it, a wallet with mr robot on it, and a surprise pillow with a sick monster on it.

so without sounding like too much of an advertisement, go have a look at their stuff.

tomorrow i have another interview. i told mark about it this afternoon and he said "so it's quite likely you're going?" and i said "yes." to which he replied "couldn't you like...not go?"

i also got an email from the hospital i interviewed with last week saying he'd received the thing i'd faxed him and that "please be informed that i am waiting for clearance before any offers can be made." police record check clearance, i think. does that sound positive to anyone else? i don't want to get too excited yet, but it seems good.

but yes, for now, that is all.

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